About Us

Who are we?

We are living in the world of technology where technology has become an integral part of the learning environment. Learning skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, curiosity and imagination, collaboration, and communication are of paramount importance to succeed in this information age.

At KinderKnow Interactive we realize the need to provide educators with meaningful ways of fostering those skills while creating a fun learning environment for young children.

We built a team of professional educators who are passionate about children and education to develop unique interactive learning systems. They used evidence-based research to create solutions which help teachers uncover and maximize each child’s uniqueness while easily implementing technology into their classrooms.

What do we believe in?

WE BELIEVE in collaborative learning which helps children develop communication and leadership skills, increases self-esteem and prepares them for living in and contributing to society.

WE BELIEVE in an engaging learning environment which bridges traditional teaching aids and methods with exciting content and interactive technology.

But most importantly, WE BELIEVE in every child’s potential, which is revealed and supported by an exciting and absorbing learning environment.

Management and Professionalism

KinderKnow Interactive's team consists of professional pedagogues, skilled software developers and talented designers, who work together to create our unique products.

We are constantly refining our solutions to make learning more innovative and engaging, as well as to consistently answer the evolving needs of educators.

Products for preschoolers, elementary school students and children with special educational needs

Early childhood is a critical stage for a child's physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. At this age, play is a crucial part of learning.
Through play, young children process and understand the world while developing necessary cognitive, social and emotional skills. KinderKnow Interactive's products create an engaging environment in which a child gains these important skills and knowledge by playing and interacting with his/her peers.

KinderKnow Interactive is a niche company who has been developing solutions for many years solely for young children, elementary school students and children with special educational needs. We believe that a child must be at the center of the learning process and that the educators must have the very best tool in hand to support the child's learning and growing.

Global Expansion

KinderKnow Interactive is excited to bring our products to your country so that thousands of children can get access to cutting-edge technology and benefit from our solutions.If you are interested in becoming our distributor, please contact us here…