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Why KinderKnow Interactive?
Multimedia learning systems

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At KinderKnow Interactive we aim to create solutions that will answer the needs of today's children and help develop essential 21st century skills.
At KinderKnow Interactive we believe that a child is at the heart of the learning process and that educators and parents are his/her supporters in exploring and thriving in our amazing world.
At KinderKnow Interactive we want each child to be able to develop his/her potential in a carefully-designed, exciting and interactive learning environment.

What We Do?
Educational systems

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For many years, KinderKnow Interactive has been developing interactive learning solutions that are based on the following main educational philosophies:
1. Children develop best in a collaborative learning environment.
2. Children learn through play.
3. Children must develop holistically.
Therefore, KinderKnow Interactive’s solutions combine a specially-designed activity unit for group work with traditional teaching aids and materials. In addition, there is carefully-selected educational content covering each and every aspect of a child’s day-to-day life.